Custom Printed Stickers & Labels

printed stickers
Custom printed stickers
printed stickers


Printed Stickers

At Comet Packaging we help create eye-catching Printed Stickers in any shape, size and design. You can order custom stickers made to your exact requirements, choosing between paper and polypropylene materials both of which are available in a range of different finishes.

Our custom printed stickers and labels are one of the most versatile products we produce. They can be made in sheets, rolls or die cut to an exact shape or size. Printed with full colour digital print and come with a strong adhesive which will stick to any surface.

Ideal for gift wrapping, promotions, bottle labels, product labels, to add branding plain packaging and much more

Whether you need heavy duty labels, clear printed stickers or simple packaging labels then request a quote today. Our expert team is at hand to help.

Wholesale Custom Printing Service

Custom Printed Stickers are a low-cost packaging accessory which are perfect to increase your brand exposure. Add them to business letters, mailing boxes or use them in store to stick tissue and wrapping paper.

We supply promotional printed stickers in any print design you require, including full colour images and special finishes. Need a stand out label for your product or packaging, then get in touch today. We specialise in jar and bottle labels which will make you stand out from the crowd.

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    printed stickers on a roll

    High Quality, Low Prices, FSC Paper

    Digital Print

    Print your logo or design using high quality digital printing. Great results every time.

    Unique Finishes

    Beautiful finishes including hot foil printing to make your stickers look amazing

    Bulk Supplier

    Order in volume to receive bigger discounts. Or even order alongside other packaging for a multi-product discount.

    Custom Colours

    Print your stickers in full CMYK so that every colour comes out just as you want.