Custom Printed, Magnetic Lid Boxes

magnet lid rigid card box
magnetic lid custom printed rigid card box
magnet closed lid rigid card box

Luxury Box With Magnetic Close Lid

Rigid card boxes made with magnetic closure lids are one of the most luxury product boxes available. If you are looking for a fully bespoke box that you can design around your product then this could be the option for you. Print on the inside and outside in any colours and finish it with a high quality textured paper.

Magnetic lid boxes are made from high quality rigid card which is then wrapped in a fully printable paper. We also offer textured and patterned paper that creates a lovely look and feel.

We can product bespoke inserts made from card or foam which help to keep your products secure or keep them in place for a unique unboxing experience.

If your looking for luxury product boxes then enquire with us today for a quote. Let us know the size, colours, quantity and what you want to print and we will give you a market leading price.

Orders start at 500 units and can be made and delivered in only 15 days.

Print Options

  • Emboss
  • Deboss
  • Hot Foil
  • Full Colour CMYK
  • Textured Paper
  • Custom Inserts
  • UV Print
  • Even More..

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